web 3 Conscious gaming for impact

We are a Bahrain based Web3 gaming studio with a mission.
Founded in 2018 as an indie game development studio, we have shifted our focus to the new age of the internet.
The era of ownership, and the creator's economyWe launched our first nft gaming collectible called FuZZieMiNTs, in July 2021, and have since been building a global family friendly nft and gaming brand.Find out more about FuZZieMiNTs here:

Our work and us

Me and my husband co-founded the studio in 2018, as the business of our dreams.We are passionate gamers and game developers and want to create a positive change with our video games.Since our inception, we have created and published several mobile games, won several startup competitions and awards, and have also become one of the first web3 and blockchain gaming studios, in the region and the world.Here's some more info on us:


Founder & CEO
My mission is to create a positive change with my creative abilities.
I'm also a mom to one human and eight cats.CONNECT WITH ME HERE


Co-Founder & CMO
I am exploring web 3 and loving it.
Currently a part of multiple NFT projects, and enjoying being a dad.CONNECT WITH ME HERE

While our focus currently is building out our Web 3 brand, we have a developed and published a number of fun mobile and PC games.
These are some our favorites.



A game about ocean plastic pollution
Torty has just hatched and is on his first ocean journey. He is met with massive amounts of plastic pollution. Protect Torty as his guardian from the garbage.
App store Download
Play Store Download

We have a ton of other hypercasual games that you can play on the app store as well.
Check out our developer account on the app store with all the games here.


Here are some games that we whipped up in 2-3 days in different hackathons. You can play all these for free on your pc.


A game about hope and depression
Can hope fight off her inner demons and rise within herself?
This clever 2d puzzle platformer, explores the paths available to us when we are hopeful vs in despair.


A game about social isolation
This game was almost a prediction of humanity's state as we lived through the pandemic isolation of 2020-2021.
This 3d game takes you into Wes's life who has not left home in years.


A puzzle game about mental illness
They call him Dr. Mend. A unique mind doctor who is curing mental illnesses like never before.
This simple point and click game visually explores many different forms of mental illnesses.


A game highlighting humanity's effects on Earth
"There's only one Earth and there's no spare"- Wubbo Ockels
This simple game about finding differences shows a stark difference in the earth's landscapes over time.

web 3 know-how

Web3 and NFTs is the new age of the internet. It is a fast-paced space that is growing right in front of our eyes. There is a lot going on, and it can get overwhelming to navigate.But don't worry, you're in the right place.We have created digestible educational and insightful articles and media for you to get to know this space.

How a Bahrain-based, female startup founder built a web3 brand

May 18, 2022

Discover Saba's journey to Web3 as she talks to Caitlin Strempel, from WIN podcast (Women in NFTs)Adversity, pivots, childhood, building a Web3 brand. Saba shares it all here.

The most important phrase in web3

June 1, 2022

The biggest thing about web3 is OWNERSHIPYou own assets, such as NFTs, cryptocurrency and more.And you keep these assets in wallets, that can be browser based, app based, or the hardware type.Whether digital or the hardware type, each wallet has a "key", a way to entry. NO, this is not a password. In fact, if you lose your password, it's not all that bad.But what you simply CANNOT lose is your "seedphrase".What is a seedphrase?A seedphrase is a randomly generated string of non-related words in a specific order, that is generated the first time you create that wallet. These can range anywhere from 12 to 24 words.This phrase can be used to unlock your wallet, from ANYWHERE.In fact while creating your wallet, you will be prompted multiple times to keep it safe, keep it offline, and just guard it with your life.It is literally the MASTER KEY.Lost your password? You can recover it using your seedphrase.
Lost your hardware wallet? Just order a new one and recover all your crypto and assets with your seedphrase.
It's a powerful, which also means that it can be easy to exploit, and in the wrong hands it can mean all your valuables stolen.Now you know what the most important phrase is in Web3.Wanna know how to keep your seedphrase safe? You can read this article here.

5 TIPS to keep your seedphrase safe

June 2, 2022

We know how important your seedphrase is. If you don't know wth I'm talking about, go here first.Here are the 5 tips to keep your seedphrase safe!1. Write it down on a piece of paper immediately
This is at the time you are creating or setting up a new wallet. Do not wait to write it down. It will never appear again. Write it immediately. Find a piece of paper, a pen, and just do it.
2. Keep it OFFLINE
Don't take a photo of it.
Don't write it in your phone notes.
Don't save it in a word file or google drive.
If it's anywhere online, the chances of a hacker finding it is high.
3. Make several copies and keep all of them in safe places
It's scary. "What if I lose my paper???"
Make several copies, put them in safe places. Write them in a journal or somewhere you are less likely to lose. If you lose one copy, you can always get to another.
4. Encode it if needed
Afraid that someone may find it and download your wallet and steal your assets?
Encode it, in a way that you will understand but somebody else won't.
You can create a fake letter with the random words in order, make a song with your seedphrase, write it in your native language or a made up language. Learning all that Elvish finally put to good use, mom.
Your own little treasure hunt.5. Never give it out to anyone
Most assets are stolen when people WILLINGLY give out their seedphrase to someone pretending to be a support agent of some sort.
REMEMBER: IF SOMEONE ASKS YOU FOR YOUR SEEDPHRASE, THEY ARE 100% A SCAMMER!Seedphrases are not required for anything else other than downloading your wallet, if you lose your password, and the only person who would need that is YOU.So stay safe, degens.

NEVER trust this source for your NFT news

June 6, 2022

Imagine reading a review of a movie, from someone who hasn't watched it.Can you trust this review? I bet you can't.This is the state now of how NFT news is being reported in mainstream media. Reputable news agencies are getting this whole thing EXTREMELY wrong.The amounts of time we have lived through a web3 event and then seen it misrepresented and sometimes reported completely wrong, in the mainstream headlines, makes us cringe.Look, we get it. It's a new space. But reputed news and media agencies have a responsibility to engage with the space, do their research and then publish.The problem with such reporting is that it deters new people from exploring the new age of the internet.If your only news source about NFTs and web3 are headlines you see on google, or bits you see in global agencies, then I'm sad to inform that you are only hearing about the extreme "newsworthy" and "juicy" stuff like huge scams, huge sales, or huge pitfalls.
This includes anything from false reports on earnings by article writers that do not understand secondary sales, to proclaiming that NFTs are in fact dead. Yet again.
After all, they WANT you to click through and read, so the juicier the better.
In reality, it's very different.
We've been in Web3 and NFTs for over 15 months now. And while it may not seem that long, this is actually equivalent to 5 years of being in this space.Seeing something play out and then mis reported in the media heavily makes us cringe.So how to keep yourself informed?Get into NFTs, get yourself a twitter account, follow credible users and be a part of the space.I promise you'll be exposed to a very different landscape than what is being presented to the world.

Why your slow minting project is a blessing

June 7, 2022

When we launched the first 100 FuZZieMiNTs in July 2021, it was just the beginning of NFT generative projects.Demand was high. Projects were selling out in a day, if not minutes. And the excitement in the NFT scene was unmatched.More and more projects were dropping everyday, ETH was on the rise, and expectations of a sell out of our full collection, was only normal.Then came launch day, 9 Sep. And we geared up for our sell out. We had it all in place. A smooth website, a great smart contract, an allowlist full of people, waiting to mint, before that even became a trend. And then we waited.First 100 sales, then another 100 and then some more, and then a slow down, and then, complete standstill.I'm not going to lie. We were disappointed. We were confused. We were perplexed.We put in all efforts to continue on our project regardless of a mint out, and started delivering on our roadmap anyway.Ngl, it was hard to keep my chin up. It was hard to keep going, when the norm in the NFT scene is a mint out before projects even start to work on their roadmap.But I, am a person of faith. I am always open to guidance for my highest good.And looking back, I can now confirm that an instant sell out of fuzziemints would NOT have been favorable.Since our launch, fate has directed our project to become much more than JUST an NFT collection.We have truly discovered along with our community, what we stand for, our values, and what we want to build.A slow mint has allowed us to recognize that our project has a special niche of being a family-friendly NFT brand.A slow mint has given us a community of holders that believe in what we are building, and are ready to strap in as together we build a global brand.So if you have launched a project, and are struggling to mint it out, focus on building it out instead.Don't give up hope in yourself, your project and the people who have ALREADY invested in you.In time, your project will bloom into something you don't even know right now.In retrospect, an instant mint out of fuzziemints, might have distracted us. We might have wasted money on things that didn't align with us.Now though, we know EXACTLY where we are going, and what we are building and we couldn't be more excited.Keep your chin up. Keep building.Join us on our journey too!

Are NFTs really dead?

June 8, 2022

We saw many NFT projects releasing in late 2021 and early 2022. Demand was high, multiple10k projects were dropping every day, and most selling out, sometimes completely sold out in minutes.And then we hit NFT winter. We are still there, but it is becoming increasingly hard to sell out projects day by day. Demand is decreasing, and there is a saturation of projects. A lot of copy pasta and derivative collections.But are NFTs dead? The mainstream media kills NFTs whenever we are having a bear market.But we are still seeing successful free mint projects with VERY healthy secondary sales. We are seeing 1/1 art, photography and music NFTs flourish and we are seeing life changing sales every day.A good thing to remember here is that, in general, ALL markets go through highs and lows.Do we proclaim that gold is dead, every time the price is down? We don't.So when you hear "NFTs are flatlining" or "NFTs are dead", check out the activity page on Opensea, which is just one of many platforms, to know that is in fact not true.There is a LOT more to come when we talk about NFTs. We haven't even started.

60 NFT and Web3 terms you need to know- A degen guide

June 5, 2022

Consider this your Web3 & NFT bible.Did we miss something? Or you came across something new. Let us know and we'll add it.


1/1 art > A unique art piece with only one edition
10k project > A project with 10,000 nfts. Can also refer to projects that have a large number of NFTs, not necessarily equal to 10,000. Eg. 6969, 5555


Airdrop > Free NFTs or tokens that you can claim or are transferred to you.
AL > "Allowlist" A more inclusive and non-racist way of saying "Whitelist". Early access to mint a project without fear of Gas wars.
Alpha > Exclusive news or early information about a certain project
AMA > Ask me anything
APE in > Buy into a project, most likely multiple purchases


Bearish > Believing a project/ market will go down.
Blockchain > Shared database with transparent blocks of data that cannot be modified or changed
Blue Chip > a high value project that is likely to retain its value in future
BTFD > "Buy the fucking dip". Buy into a project, token, or currency, when it is at a low price
Bullish > Believing in a project/ creator/ currency/ marketplace and most likely investing in it
Building > Progressing on a project, delivering on the roadmap.


DAO > Decentralized Autonomous Organization- Has no central leadership, and decisions are made via member voting using smart contracts on the blockchain
Delist > Remove an NFT from sale
Degen > People who love NFTs and take high risks
DEX > Decentralized Exchange, a peer-to-peer marketplace for trading of crypto assets
Diamond hands > Holding an NFT for a long time without listing it for sale. Long-term investor.
Dox > revealing your identity (real name, face, voice etc.)
Dutch auction > a bidding technique that starts at a high price and drops by certain units of price and time.
DYOR > “do your own research”. Absolve yourself of all liability by putting the onus on the person who is purchasing to do their own research.


Flip > buying NFTs at a lower price and selling fast at small to medium profits
Floor price > the lowest price at which you can buy an NFT
Floor sweep > Buying a large number of the lowest listed NFTs in a collection
FOMO > fear of missing out. Buying into a project, just because others are buying.
FUD > fear, uncertainty and doubt. Negative criticism or defaming of a project or creator.


Gas fee > fee paid to miners (similar to transaction fee) for interacting with the blockchain, eg. during minting, transfer, selling etc.
Gas war > Paying higher gas fees to ensure that your mint transaction goes through when there is a huge demand for a low supply project. High gas transactions are more likely to go through.
Generative Project > An NFT project where the art layers were created and then tokens were generated by a random combination of those layers
GM > Good Morning. Typical degen greeting. May be used any time of day.
GN > Good Night


HODL > "Hold on for dear life" Hold an asset during market dips and rises.


KYC > “ Know Your Customer “. The process of identifying and verifying a client's identity.


Liquidity > Free crypto that you can use to cash out or buy other NFTs, (not locked into NFT asset values)
LP > "Liquidity Pool", vault into which participants deposit their assets in order to form a market (trading pair) and make it liquid for those wishing to trade in that pair
LFG > “ lets freaking/fucking go ” Postive way to show excitement about what's coming next for a project


MM > Metamask wallet. Most common wallet for buying ethereum NFTs
Mint > Create/ Purchase an NFT on the blockchain for the first time.


NFT > Non Fungible Token. Unique digital asset that can be traded
NFA > "Not financial advice". Standard disclaimer after giving someone a lot of financial advice.
NGMI “Not Gonna Make It" Usually said to someone expressing a negative sentiment about a perfectly good project/ market etc.


OG > An early supporter/ investor


P2E > "Play to Earn"- Mostly used for games that allow gamers to win tokens by completing game missions. These tokens can then be exchanged for other tokens or cash.
Paper hands > people selling too early at low floor prices
PFP > profile picture
Presale > same as Whitelist and Allowlist
Pump bags > person, especially influencer promoting and hyping a project that they are invested in, so that it goes up in price.


Rarity > how rare an NFT is based on the combination of traits in a collection
Rarity Ranking > A ranking system based on the rarity of the tokens. The more rare an NFT is, the higher price it can be sold at.
Roadmap > The future plans of an NFT project
RUG/ Rugpull > a project that has been abandoned by the team, or has overpromised with no intention of delivery.


Secondary sale Buying an NFT that has already been minted, not directly from the creator but from another seller.
Shill > Promote your project/art


Utility > Uses/ benefits of a project other than the original NFT. Eg. gaming, access to IRL events, free airdrops etc.
Undercutting > Lowering the price of an NFT under the floor price for a quick sale


WAGMI > "We All Gonna Make It"
WEN > “ when" Asking about the timeline of something. Like "Wen Drop?": When will it launch.
WGMI > “We Gonna Make It“
Whitelist (WL) - early, guaranteed, access in minting a project
Whitepaper > Lengthy document explaining a project with all its utility and future plans


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