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No hunting for agencies or ​unreliable freelancers. No hiring ​multiple people and no investing in ​equipment or softwares.

I will be your tech and design team. ​

At a fixed cost, every month, get all​ your tech and design needs met.​

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Stories Studio replaces unreliable freelancers, multiple inhouse hires, and expensive agencies for one flat monthly fee, with designs delivered so fast that it will shock you.


Subscribe to a monthly plan and request as many tech & design tasks as you like

Prioritize & Receive

Choose which tasks you want first and you'll receive them within a few business days

Unlimited Work & Revisions

Don't like something? I'll ​re-do it. Changed your ​mind? I’ll change the d​esign.


With our monthly membership you've got it all covered.

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Unlimited tasks

Add as many tasks to your client portal as you like

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Fixed Monthly fee

No hidden charges, scope limitations or surprises!

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Prioritize, manage, add and remove your tasks with access to your own client board.

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Lifetime Access

Access to all your completed tasks, designs, and deliverables all in one place.

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Save time & money

Save endless hours of research, hiring, budgeting, & planning. One monthly fee covers all your needs


You pay for exceptional work, and exclusivity. ​I’m a one-woman design agency that is ​invested in YOUR design success


For small businesses looking for a creative extension of their team

BHD 699/m

Cancel anytime

What's Included:

  • One request at a time
  • Average 72 hour delivery*
  • Unlimited task requests
  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited users
  • Easy online payments
  • Cancel anytime

*Delivery timelines are averages based on most creative design tasks. Some tech and development tasks may take significantly longer.


For marketers and agencies looking for quality and speed

BHD 799/m

Cancel anytime

What's Included:

  • Two requests at a time
  • Average 48 hour delivery*
  • Unlimited task requests
  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited users
  • Easy online payments
  • Cancel anytime
  • One face-to-face meeting per ​month (use it for brainstorming, ​event coverage or more)

Request any of these popular creative tasks


  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Pitch decks
  • Business plans
  • Wireframes
  • UX design
  • Infographics
  • Banners
  • icons
  • digital ads
  • blog posts
  • content creation

Small Businesses

  • Logos
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website design
  • Social media posts
  • Social media calendars
  • Content matrix
  • Business cards/letterheads
  • Product Photography
  • Google business profile setup
  • 360° virtual tours


  • Illustrations
  • Video production
  • Video scripts
  • 2d animation
  • 3d models
  • 3d animation
  • book/ ebook covers
  • print production document design
  • Content Matrix
  • Signage design
  • brochures/menus


How do I request tasks?

I provide a wide range of ​options for requesting designs ​through Trello, offering you ​great flexibility. Clients often ​choose to request designs ​directly within Trello, share ​Google Docs or wireframes, or ​even create a brief video (ideal ​for those who prefer verbal ​communication). Essentially, if ​it can be linked or shared ​within Trello, you're free to use ​it.

How fast will I receive my designs?

Typically, the majority of ​design and social media ​requests are finalized within a ​mere three business days o​r even less. Tech an​d development requests​, however, are more intricat​e and may necessitat​e additional time for completion​.

All turnaround times will b​e available to see on your trell​o board, once your subscriptio​n is activated​.

Is there a limit to the number of tasks I can request?

There are no limits to the ​number of tasks you can ​request. You can add all tasks ​you think of, and keep ​choosing which one you want ​to prioritize. You are at ​complete freedom to change ​your mind, on which task you ​would like me to work on.

As a business owner, I ​understand that business ​requirements often change, ​and I’m prepared for this.

It's time for change.

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